Quick One Before Scream Night :P

So I've been back in Dinamo two days a week on work experience again, and I'm loving every second of it ^_^ I'm in every Wednesday and Thursday til the end of my degree!! Yay :)

On Wednesdays I'm on the Abadas project and then Thursdays are for Rastamouse, which is super exciting as they're both awesome series at very different stages and with a variety of media and tasks involved, which means there's a lot for me to learn and work on ^_^

As a quick overview, here's some of the things I worked on this week and last:

Abadas - asset clean up and QA; 2D asset checklists; script and asset tracking for 17 episodes; voice recording in English and Welsh; audio cutting in English and Welsh; etc

Rastamouse - set sanding, painting and other misc hands on set building work; using the Rastareader to make clean plate shots; reorganisation and labelling of all location storyboard files; printing and organisation of storyboards; etc

There may have been other stuff but we're about to start a Scream Marathon night in my flat so I'm a little distracted at the moment! But yes, I love Dinamo and I really hope I can continue working there when the work experience is over >.<

Will update with some actual visuals soon!!!

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