Just a quick post as I'm a bit late leaving for Bristol to pick up my friend from his flight (bit worried about the drive but at least it's night time so the roads'll be ok ^_^), but thought I'd post this just before I left. I was commissioned for a Valentines portrait by Nero, the guy who asked me last time, and I finished it today. He calls her 'Snowflake', hence the background and title, and the message is from him, her 'Chocolate Teddy Bear'. Sweet :) he's giving this as one of her presents during their trip to Venice XD

Anyway, here :) hope he likes it!


New Schedule Incorporating Dinamo Work Experience :D

Today I had an awesome introduction to Dinamo Production's studio, met a lot of the crew and was shown around by Lucy Artiss, the producer/animator/director that I'll be shadowing for my two week experience in March (7th til the 18th). I'm really excited about it and can't wait :D also glad I've got the proper dates now as I've been able to properly schedule my time. So here's my current schedule:

I'm just photoshopping some of the development stuff I've done in the last couple of weeks, so I'll update with that as soon as I'm done, then it's back to the drawing board :D