Opening Shot Test

Couldn't fit the MOV file on here as it's like 2GB!! So here's a H.264 encoded mp4 instead. Not sure if it'll come out ok -_- But it's a test for the bleeds in and out on the opening titles of Trail of Crimson. I'm hoping to be all finished with this project soon, just a few changes to make here and there, so that'll be good :)

SO much to do...and now I'm at Dinamo FOUR days a week, it's going to be even more difficult! But I'm happier as this is what I wanted - to be at Dinamo as much as possible :) Lucy has been fantastic and even bought me lunch the other day!! ^_^ Fatemeh and Nia have been supporting me through all the production work, and all the guys at Dinamo are so friendly too - I'm never without someone to chat to or have lunch with ^_^ I really hope I can keep improving and get a job there after the degree is done!!

Anyway, before that I need to actually finish this work for Uni, so I'd better get back to it! >.<

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