Early Bedtime Methinks

Well it's only 12.30pm, so I may yet stay up and do a bit more work, but I'm still feeling a bit peaky from earlier and my eyes are starting to melt from staring at a screen for 12 hours a day...sigh...

But on the brighter side, here are the textured layouts for my book - please bear in mind that the text has still to be added, and some of the pop-ups aren't shown (most are done, one or two yet to finish), but there will be full before-and-after images soon...ish... >.< or perhaps an animatic if it turns out to be easier XD

Here ya go:

So sleepy....was going to do some flash expression sheets but not sure if I'll manage...perhaps I'll get ready for bed then just work til the Sandman takes me :)

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