Urgh Brain Fail

Ok so apparently the failing of After Effects to export the file was not, as I had hoped, due to some silly computer error, but in fact the far more common human error of my brain, trying to export it as mp4 format instead of H.264 (which comes out mp4 ANYWAY but whatever...still a different choice on the menu -_-).

So yes, that should be exporting all nice and lovely and I'll pop it up on here when it's done. I'm referring to the final version of the scrolling credits for Trail of Crimson, by the way. Well, hopefully the final version, though they may ask for tweaks, which is fine. I'm about to go into the opening credits file and just change a few things there and then I'll upload that here too.

Ooo here's the credits:

Two more updates:

Dinamo was fun again today, though a bit painful on the old back (yes, am already an old woman XD). Twas mainly audio cuts and some production filing, nice and easy, soothing almost. Plus the kids are great so it's easy to get the audio. I chopped up about 46 minutes worth of audio for Abadas today - wooo! ...that doesn't sound like a lot does it XD but it is if you think that it takes about 10 minutes to cut like 5 seconds... ~_~ trust me, you can fit a lot of words into 5 seconds!

Also, look, drawings!! Like, real-life pencil-y done-by-me drawings!! It does happen now and again XD they aren't great sadly. These are three poses for Niamh's action sheet. There's two more I haven't scanned, and two of Rae to scan as well. Still need to draw the rest....still need to do a lot of thing >.<

Right, let's get that opening shot done.

Also, I'm listening to the Ocarina of Time soundtrack. Be jealous. :)

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