Pop-Up Book Work

Well I'm waiting for the final few changes to the Trail of Crimson work to render on AE, so I thought I'd put a quick update of some of my own work in progress - I've been working on my pop-up book a lot, and it's finally starting to take shape :) Originally sketched in pencil, all the designs were then drawn over in Flash and last night I was texturing the elements in Photoshop. I'm hoping to finish all that tonight, as I'm just going to use the same few textures so that it doesn't get too crazy XD I do love my textures!! Of course, all the ones I'm using are royalty free from wonderful texture-providing people across the web, but sadly I was given them in a collection so I have no links to the original downloads.

Of course, a lot of these won't make sense yet as they're just the separate elements, but hopefully the two more finished (ish) pages will give more of an idea. I've left most of the mechanisms out for now, but will either be putting together a before-and-after style set of the final images in Photoshop, or, if I have time (which I really don't -_-) I may animate each page in After Effects. Anyway, here's some of the pages so far:

And yes Luke, that is you on the last page =P

Anyway, hoping to finish all the pages tonight and maybe even start the before-and-after images...it's only 9.30pm after all, the night is still young XD

Right well something is wrong with After Effects, not exporting in mp4 right now, so will finish here and restart my beloved Mac -_- If all goes well, I shall be back with more updates and hopefully the finished shots for Trail of Crimson!

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