A Few More Tests

So I've been doing a few more tests for the MA film Trail of Crimson. The first is trying to get a bird to blink, which has been a lot harder than anticipated -_- I think the movement and timing are ok now (after many many tries!) but the shading on the half-closed position is not right - it needs to be lighter on the lid, so I'll be fixing that shortly.

EDIT: here's a newer, hopefully somewhat better one ~

The next is the final shot which will lead into the credits. I don't yet have a list but when I do I'll be trying different things with the text. For now I've just tried a sink into the blood and then fade to black, nice and simple. But of course, it'll depend on the music and feel of the scene, which the Director will be able to enlighten me on soon. EDIT: for some reason the fade to black doesn't seem to come in, so...will have to check that out -_-

Another shot I'm working on is a death shot that I don't really want to put up as I don't want to spoil the film! But for that I'm going to have to do a frame by frame edit of the colour, adding in a red tint for each part. 

Of course I've been working on the write-on effect with the text, and have now added a reverse bleed to give it a nice way of fading out. Below is the basic test.

For some reason it won't let me upload a decent quality video of the scene itself. I'm going to try making it smaller to see if that's an issue. For the effect itself, I was trying a few things with the mask - putting the text in a way that suggested it was being written on the mask itself, but it just wasn't working at all. So the title is larger and visible here, with a bit of a red blur/glow and subtracted so that it fades into the scene itself....

Ah so it may have been the size issue, as here is a much smaller one. Unfortunately this means the quality is veeeery low -_- but hopefully you'll get an idea and I'll try get a better quality one up soon :)

EDIT: for some reason the dot on the i disappears and then reappears, causes a flicker. I think I know what the issue is, so I'll fix that and then re-upload ~_~

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