Dear Brain,

Why oh why have you been telling me to export all these files as MOVs? Huge, chunky, flicker-y evil MOVs?? When you know full well they all needed to be H.264 - how many times have we gone through it in Uni?

I have come to the conclusion that you suck.

Yours sincerely,

Yes, brain = suckage. Oh well, here's the nice, small, high quality H.264 file of the opening shot. Please note I've left a long bit of black on the beginning because I'm not sure how long they'll need for music, and this way they can edit it to their liking. Also, for the lovely director who will hopefully read this, I do have an even longer version, where each bit has a little more time, so if you need any part longer or shorter, just let me know ^_^ hope this is ok!!

NOW I'm going to start the rest of the pop-up pages, get all the main textures done for pages 3 to 8 - hopefully won't take long, but I've cracked open another Diet Red Thunder drink to take the edge off!

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