Last Day on Work Experience

Sadly another week has gone rapidly by and it's Friday already!! It's been so busy again, hence the lack of updating, but this week has been very much art based in contrast to the production work I did last week.

I started off with an animatic for Soli and Mo, just a test so Lucy could see how I managed. It took me most of the day so that was Monday done, but when Lucy checked it she said she was really pleased ^_^ As Soli and Mo has been aired already, she said it was fine for me to put it up here (though if there are any problems I can take it down anytime)

On Tuesday I was introduced to the new show The Abadas and spent the day doing character sketches to get used to the style and shapes so that I could spend the rest of the week storyboarding. I worked on the second scene of episode two, though of course it won't be used or anything, it's just so Lucy can again see how I manage. I'm not the biggest fan of storyboarding, and it's certainly not a talent of mine, but I love the characters so I enjoyed doing it. I did about 30 pages of elements which took me all of Wednesday. My biggest issue was that I chose to do it traditionally as I can't draw digitally, which meant it needed a lot of compositing and clean up in Photoshop, which I spent all of Thursday doing - 43 final panels.

Of course, as Abadas is a new show I can't put up any of the sketches or storyboards on here, but Lucy's been very kind and allowed me to take what I've done to show my tutors, meaning that these two weeks can go properly towards my degree ^_^
This afternoon I'm going to put my storyboards into an animatic, as I was going to continue storyboarding but someone else needed the script. I may get a chance to continue later, but for now I'll try timing out what I've done in Premiere.

Overall I've adored my time at Dinamo - it really surprised me how much I enjoyed everything I've done and how great a place it is to work. As I mentioned before, everyone here is so awesome and made me feel so welcome, and I really appreciate all the help everyone gave me. It was cool meeting artists that I've admired for a while on places like Deviant Art and stuff, and seeing how relaxed and yet focused and hardworking a real studio is. It's got a very different atmosphere than University, but at the same time everyone is happy and friendly, and it feels like it would be very easy to become part of the team ^_^

As far as myself goes, Lucy has mentioned a few things she wants me to look at, though nothing is concrete yet, but I know that as soon a chance arrives, I'll be trying my best to get back in to Dinamo!!

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