Dinamo Update

I said I'd blog every night after Dinamo but as of yet I don't have much to put up on here. I have been reeeeeeaally busy - currently cut audio for about 5 episodes of their children's cartoon Soli and Mo, and the actors are so cute with their lines, it's been fun ^_^ though hurting my back a lot -_- Also being doing bits of research and things, but hopefully I'll have more variety after the audio has all be done.

Dinamo itself is awesome - I love the place and everyone's really nice :) been having lunch in different places - there's a lot more around that industrial estate than you first realise!

Anyway, that's all for now. I'd planned to do some Uni work in the evenings but I'm so tired, I haven't done any yet. Hopefully I'll get used to the routine and can catch up soon :)

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