Quick Tests

OK so another addition to my variety of projects is a MA film called Trail of Crimson. Writer/Director Victoria Rodway and Producer Glen Biseker asked me on board to complete a shot of a bird in the film by making it blink, and then I ended up doing both the opening and closing sequences too! I'm really happy about this as the film looks amazing (see the website at www.trailofcrimson.co.uk) and it's very much in my area of interest, so I'm pleased to be able to work on something like this, and also it let's me use the After Effects skills I built up in previous projects.

The only issue at the moment is that they're not quite sure what they'd like for the sequences, and as they're unfamiliar with After Effects' capabilities they don't know what they can ask for, so I decided to a number of quick tests to help them think of what they'd like in the sequences. At the moment I've just looked at text possibilities, a few examples of camera moves and the write on 'stroke' effect, which looks pretty successful.

I still have a lot to do of course, and I'd like to show them some examples of nice flowing shapes around the theme of ink, blood and handwriting - something artistic, smooth and gothic, matching the film itself. I'm exploring examples online and looking at what I can work with, so hopefully I'll have some more tests up soon, but I thought I'd pop these simple ones up for now!

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