Dinamo Update :)

Ok so it's Sunday and thankfully I took the day off work - so tired!! Dinamo has been very busy and I had a family reunion yesterday, so this is my first chance for a break really >.<

But yes, Dinamo. So as I mentioned I was doing a lot of audio cutting, which continued til Thursday lunchtime, at which point I finished all the current recordings for Soli and Mo ^_^ The next job I was given was to transfer all of the schedule for the new show Abadas over onto Lucy's personal schedule, week by week, for every job throughout production (outlines, scripts, layouts, audio, dialogue, animation, cg, comping, etc etc so many!!).

That took until Friday lunchtime, and it was quite relaxing and really informative as I got to see exactly how each part of the process is structured and arranged, working with each other section and of course, how each episode's production relates to the next.

After I'd finished with that, Lucy showed me how to do the script breakdowns for the animators - using an example episode that had already been animated for the Welsh version, I had to go through, time each shot, write out what format it was in, and then write down everything that happened in it - dialogue, actions etc. Well, I think that's what I was meant to do anyway - I finished it just as the work day ended so I haven't had feedback from Lucy yet. I'm hoping I did ok!!

Anyway, Lucy said she'll go through the entire production process with me at the beginning of this week, so that should be awesome ^_^ I'm hoping then that I can just get on with more work and show how much I really want to be there!!

I'll be very sad when I have to go back to Uni...Dinamo is just such a great place and everyone there is awesome ^_^ Roll on the time when I can apply for a job!!

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