Completely Unrelated: Gackt Sales Post!

I don't have another blog to put this on and people mentioned they wanted a private blog to see the list rather than on eBay straight away, so I'm putting it here! Sorry it's a bit random. But then, I don't use this blog much anymore so hopefully no one will notice.

Anyway, for the lovely people here for awesome Gackt items :) firstly - thank you very much for having a look at my treasured Gackt items!

Sadly I do need to sell them so would like them to go to loving Dears ^_^ Please bear in mind that some of these items are VERY rare and will be pricey. I have done some research and have an idea of price for each item, but please feel free to offer what you think is fair. Remember 'ono' means 'or nearest offer' so please say what you feel!

I'm happy to combine shipping and may offer a discount if you purchase multiple items! Shipping will be calculated on an individual basis so let me know your area so I can give you an idea. If you want a photo of any item, just ask, it's no problem! Message me asap as items can be reserved but will go as soon as someone offers a fair price. Thank you so much again!


Dragon Incarnate Ryu no Kenshin £50 ono - SOLD

Mizerable Hisho - £30 ono
Mizerable Unmei - £30 ono   SOLD


Hyde & Gackt Moonchild (with poster) - £60 ono


Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume - £25 ono


Subarashiki Kana Jinsei Book 1 - £25 ono
Subarashiki Kana Jinsei Book 2 - £25 ono
Subarashiki Kana Jinsei Book 3 - £25 ono

Gackt File 1999 to 2004 - £60 ono


Mars Tour PB - £30 ono


Requiem & Reminiscence Tour PB - £40 ono


Just Bring It! Live Tour 2002 PB - £30 ono


The Gift - Sixth Day Seventh Night Tour PB - £50 ono


Diabolos Tour PB - £50 ono


YFC in Europe 2010 Tour PB - £30 ono      



YFC in Europe 2011 Tour PB - £30 ono


Other Books

Gacktionary - £30 ono    - SOLD

Jihaku Autobiography - £30 ono     SOLD

Moon Child novel - £30 ono


Gackt 2002 (very rare) - £35 ono


B-Pass 2009 featuring Gackt (with poster, a little worn) - £10 ono
Neo 2009 (no Gackt sorry, was mistaken, but does have lovely pics of Gazette, Alice Nine, An Cafe and other great artists!) - £10 ono 


Piano Score Book - £25 ono  -  SOLD

Gackt Official Fan Club Magazine No. 1 to 28 (complete collection!) - £500 ono (this is an extremely rare collection of magazines, hence the price. If no one buys for a while, I will consider selling them individually if requested)



SACD Mars (with poster) £30 ono  Reserved

SACD Rebirth (with poster) - £30 ono



 SACD Moon (with poster) - £30 ono

SACD Crescent (with poster) - £30 ono


SACD Diabolos (with poster) - £30 ono

Sixth Day album - £15 ono     -   SOLD
Seventh Night album - £15 ono


Stay the Ride Alive - £15 ono


Reborn (with drama CD) - £15 ono    -   SOLD

YFC Are You Fried Chickenz? - £15 ono


Todokanai… single - £7 ono
Wasurenai Kara single - £7 ono
Another World single - £7 ono
Secret Garden single - £7 ono
Ariitake no Ai De single - £7 ono
Mirror single - £7 ono    -   SOLD
Kimi Ni Aitakute - £7 ono
Cube single - £7 ono
Saikai Story single - £7 ono

Vanilla mini CD - £15 ono


Mars Live Tour 2000 - £25 ono
Requiem & Reminiscence Live Tour 2001
- £25 ono
Kagen no Tsuki Live Tour 2002 - £25 ono
Jyogen no Tsuki Live Tour 2003 - £25 ono
Sixth Day & Seventh Night Live Tour 2004 - £25 ono        SOLD

Diabolos Live Tour 2005 - £25 ono   -   SOLD
Drug Party in Korea (documentary) 2006 - £80 (very rare doc DVD)       SOLD
Requiem & Reminiscence II VisuaLive Tour 2009 - £35 ono
YFC Kirameki Otokojuku Live Tour (limited edition with mini SD and condom!) - £50 ono
YFC Kirameki Otokojuku Live Tour (normal) - £30 ono
YFC Live in Europe 2010 - £25
Redemption DVD - £15 ono


Drug Party Live Tour 2006 (VERY rare FC only edition with postcards) - £300 ono   -   SOLD

Gackt Filmography Blue - £20 ono
Gackt Filmography Red - £20 ono (or buy Red and Blue together for only £35!)



Moon Child Special Edition Box Set - £60 ono

Nine x Nine Special Edition Box Set (Limited Edition, fantastic set!) - £250 ono      





Platinum Box IV with gift - £35 ono



Platinum Box V with gift - £35 ono



Platinum Box VI with gift - £35 ono


R & R II VisuaLive Tour Cat Paw (extremely rare tour goods!) - £80 ono


Chanel Egoiste Platinum (small test bottle, still full - reportedly Gackt's favourite perfume!) - £15 ono

Gackt Figure (Kissmark - with box and stand) - £80 ono


Gackt 2012 Wall Calendar (never used) - £25 ono


Vanilla Poster (used but decent condition) - £7 ono

Laminated Poster (bought in Japan - perfect condition) - £10 ono


YFC Europe Goods

Fan - £15     SOLD

Round Logo Phonestrap - £10     SOLD

Hand Towel - £25    SOLD

Tie - £20   SOLD


***I ALSO HAVE A PIECE OF TAKUMI'S SHIRT (COLLAR WITH YFC LOGO STITCHED IN AND A 'T' IN INK - I caught this in the YFC Tour in 2011, and though I am reluctant to let it go, I will if someone reeeeally wants it. Name a good price ^_^ ***  


  1. How much do you want for the "Drug Party Live Tour 2006" DVD?

    1. Well I bought it for £350, but that was a couple of years ago and I can't find any on sale now to compare. I understand it's pricey, but you can put in an offer if you'd like. Either way, thank you for the inquiry!

      I'll put up photos and estimate prices of everything today, if that will help people ^_^

  2. Hey! I totally reserve the Mizerable Unmei. Thank you :) you can write me at m_bell@centrum.cz , or add me in FB (Im the Zlyhad Evilsnake person)

  3. Hi there, I'd like to buy RE:BORN, THE SIXTH DAY and Mirror CDs. I sent you a PM on Livejournal about this, but only just realised I can comment here with an LJ account >.<

    1. I shall reserve these items for you and send you a reply PM ^_^ thank you for looking!

  4. If you decide to sell to sell the fanclub magazines separately how much would number 1 be?

    1. I am unsure on this at the moment, as I know it's the rarest of them. I guess I would ask for offers rather than naming a price. Do you have an idea of how much you would be willing to pay for it?

      Thank you for looking! ^_^

    2. Truthfully I doubt anyone would pay 500 for the set. I got my vol. 2-28 for less than $10 per magazine on ebay. ( I lost the bid on vol. 1 bcuz I was unwilling to pay a lot for it...and I knew who I was bidding against.) Vol. 1 is a single large sheet/page folded twice into quarters so I probably would only pay $10-15 USD but that is just me.

    3. I do know what you mean. It is a very high price, and I know people will struggle to want to pay that. Although I did buy them as a set on ebay myself for almost that much. I have seen the singles on ebay for around £20 each, so I would probably sell them for between £10 and £20. But add that up and it's still about £500! So I guess it depends on whether people want a full collection or if they need one or two volumes to complete what they already have. I know it's crazy for one piece of folded paper to be so expensive, but I guess its worth depends on the person who wants it.

  5. Hi is Requiem & Reminiscence Live Tour 2001 still available?

    1. Hi there :) if you mean the tour DVD, yeah it's still available. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like too! :)

    2. Hi there :) if you mean the tour DVD, yeah it's still available. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like too! :)

    3. Hi, yup I think that's everything for this month, I'll probably be back next month for more tour DVDs XD I'm in the UK so how much would shipping be?

  6. Ah it's ok, shipping is only a couple of stamps and the DVD isn't cheap, so call it free delivery! I can send it first class so if you want to PM your address I can send it out tomorrow or Tuesday, if you can paypal the cost?

    :) let me know if you need more details - thank you for the interest!

    1. Cool thank you!

      But I don't know what your LJ is (or where the PM system is on here if there is one?) Could you PM me your paypal (my LJ is here: http://blue-eyesgirl.livejournal.com) and I'll PM you back my address :3