Apologies For The Silence (and for this post!!)

I've not updated for a little while, things have been pretty hectic!! I guess I'll start at the top:


Woooooo :D

Yeah, I'm super super super super happy ^_^

I'm so grateful to Lucy who never stopped fighting my corner and pressing the issue whenever she could, so thank you so much Lucy for getting me my first and most wonderful full-time position in the animation industry!! I promise I'll be dedicated and hard-working each and every day to try and help make the series completely amazing!! I also owe so much to Fatemeh for being so patient with me and looking out for me every day, making me feel so welcome and accepted ^_^ And of course Nia in the Rastacrew for giving it that final awesome push and letting me work on the amazing Rastamouse series! To be honest, everyone at Dinamo has been so great to me that really I need a huge scrolling credits list!! None of them will read this, but if they do happen to, I hope they know how much I honestly appreciate the effort they've gone to just for me ^_^

Anyway, enough gushing! The placement details are hopefully going through soon and on the 23rd I'll be signing stuff and starting my first full-time week!! Amazing :D So excited!!

Funnily enough the 23rd happens to be the next weekday after our FINAL MAJOR UNIVERSITY DEADLINE!! Yes, capital letters are necessary, it's that scary!

I've been powering through the work recently so I'll have some work updates for you later. I thought I'd just get this lovely info down first (sorry for those of you who dislike text!) and now I'm going to get back on with the artistic business.

But I do want to add, while I'm gushing with the thanks, one more mention.

University hasn't been as smooth a ride as I hoped it might be, and opinions might have changed back and forth a lot over the years, but there is certainly no way I can in any way say that the tutors haven't always done their best for us. It probably doesn't show, but I'm honestly so incredibly grateful for all the extra work and effort that all the tutors have gone to in order to accommodate my niggling preferences and awkward choice of career path. While the Dinamo crew helped me secure my job, I would never even have gotten work experience there if it wasn't for the tutors doing everything they could to bend and shape this year around my work needs.

So thank you so much - Graham Griffiths, Matt Morgan, Gerald 'M&S' Emanuel, Brian Fagence, Pete Hodges, Nicola Marlborough - even if this job lasts a year, a month, or a week, it's because of your incredible patience and continuing effort that we students even make it out to get jobs at all!!

I know I sound daft, but people rarely bother to thank those that have put in a genuine effort to help them, and I don't want people to think they go unappreciated!

Anyway, enough text for now - back to work!!

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