One Last Chance

Welcome to my new blog ^_^ Thank you for stopping by. At the moment there's not a lot on here, as of course I'm just starting it up and I want to keep it for new work. If you want to see work from previous work, please visit the following links:


Thanks in advance if you do get a chance to have a look ^_^

Anyway, on to the here and now. This blog is going to be the place to see all my work from this year, my final year of my BA Animation degree. If you're not familiar with my work (most people who read this, if any at all, will be my wonderful classmates ^_^ so you guys know already lol) I am a Designer for Animation, focusing on illustrative designs, traditional media and designing for stop-motion films. Recently I have discovered an enjoyment of the business side of Animation, and it is my goal to become a Creative Producer in the industry. So this year I will be combining my design-based project with more production details.

My year is split into a number of projects - a three week Flash project that we have just completed, a three week After Effects project later this year, and a long Major Project consisting of creating an idea for an animated film/series and producing an Art Of book of all the design elements. We also have our Dissertation to complete, for which I am studying 'Fashionable Theology: How Have Changing Sociological Views Affected the Use of Theological and Spiritual Themes in Modern Media'. Alongside that there is also a business module for which we will be having lots of guest lecturers, and as an outcome will produce a website, business card, CV and cover letter for future applications.

For me, it's a little different as I am applying to the JET programme this year, so if all goes well I'll be helping to teach English in Japan by August, but it's a long, hard application process, so fingers are crossed but anything could happen -_- This may seem strange to people - why do an Animation degree and then go off to do that, but it's for two reasons: 1) I've wanted to do this since I was 14 years old and 2) you have to have a degree to do it. So I decided to still study something I love. I may teach in Japan for my whole working life, or I may focus on my love for Animation - at least I have the options.

So yes, this blog will be where I put up my work for all the modules, keep you updated on my thoughts and decisions in projects, and perhaps let you know how the JET application goes. Sorry for such a long introduction, I'm sure many people will have skipped it, but I just wanted to be clear on how things will be going. Thanks for reading this far if you have ^_^

I hope what you see on here will be interesting, and hopefully I'll be updating a lot, so keep stopping by for new things ^_^ This year is my one last chance to do my best and be proud of what I have accomplished, so I'll be trying really hard! I'm glad I'll be doing it with 10 of the most amazing and inspiring artists and animators around me ^_^

Thank you everyone.

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