Flash Project

We finished this project last week, but I've only just set this blog up so I can finally put it up for viewing. It's been on DeviantArt too, but I'm not very active on there. Anyway, the project:

The brief was to explore Flash, become accustomed to its uses and functions, and create an interesting outcome - either a 30 second film or a series of backgrounds or in-situs that had small pieces of animation or effects within them. As as Art-Strander I chose the backgrounds, but instead of a still piece, I decided to draw on my love of point-and-click games to create my own. I had a lot of help of my good friend and fellow Art-Strander Amy as she is epic Flash-Master and knew a lot about the program from previous study, and also from Luke as he is Idea-Man, so he helped me whenever I was stuck. With different bits of advice from tutors, classmates and others I asked for music advice, I ended up with a rather complicated but fun idea for a quest style point-and-click adventure for kids.

The premise is that you must travel through the house to find music records - each room is from a different era in time, from the 1950s to the 1990s, and the music record in each matches that room. There are lots of other things to discover in each room, enabling the child to have a lot of fun finding what objects can be affected, and making it more difficult to find the record. This game lets them listen to music from different times, educating them a bit on past hits, and helps them think more about what objects are and what they do, and about looking logically for items to progress. I also hope it's fun for them!

Anyway, it's easier to just show you, so here are some jpegs of the house design itself, and then a link to the .swf game ^_^

Music Hunt Game - it may take time to load, and may stall a little at the beginning, but it will work ^_^

Thanks everyone ^_^

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