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The play buttons for the video seem to be a little displaced, not sure why, but they do all work - just hover your mouse round until it activates!

So we are currently working on the second of the Advanced Tech Projects, which is to explore After Effects and create a 30 second title sequence for a fictional TV program. I spent a while really looking at the simple features, trying to understand a program which to me was quite complex. But I soon found that it was very easy to create some really good effects, and with some files and tutorials from Julian's collection, I began to really enjoy using AE's different features.

My chosen sequence is a title sequence for my Major Project film. I'll be putting up storyboards soon, but the main features will be 2D objects in a 3D space, continuous panning and swooping camera moves, and the above pop-up effect on cut-out style buildings and trees.

On other fronts, Major Project is a little stalled at the moment but I've found some nice traditional media styles to explore and some facial shapes to look at, so hopefully I can get straight into it when Pre-Production restarts after Advanced Tech.

I've also had problems with the Collab project, which is really a shame, but to look on the bright side I've come up with a new Collab that is hopefully much more achievable and can be done as my personal project. It'll be a pop-up book with each page dedicated to one of our little animation family members, with a few drawings by themselves designed into a page I draw in their style, with a little caricature of themselves and, with a few words they'll each use to represent themselves, a poem that runs through the book. I'm hoping it'll be awesome ^_^ So start thinking guys - what represents you?

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